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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back in the Saddle

November 5, 2010 marked the day that Tracy and I went down the 2km rowing course as the fastest lightweight double in the world. Yesterday marked the first day that we were in the double together since that great day. It's a weird thought that two people can accomplish something so amazing together and literally walk away from the moment and not step foot in a boat together again until two months later. Two months may seem long, but I asked her when the last time her and Mel rowed together (Tracy's bronze medal winning partner from the 2008 Olympics) and they haven't been in a boat since the day of the Olympic final. Rowing is interesting that way. We exist in a moment of time that is intense and focused and often brings us some of the best memories in our lives, but when it's over, it's over. However, we hope to make that not true.
We put our blades in, sat down in the boat and before we even took a stroke were giddy with excitement. One stroke, two strokes, was like getting into an old worn saddle that at first seems unfamiliar but starts to fit very quickly. I'm sure we've lost a lot of speed since that memorable day, but it felt like home. It felt like how I imagine an old grey couple to feel when they sit on their porch, sipping tea in silence; no need for words, no need to try too hard, just being yourself. Rowing is wonderfully unique that way because if you have a partner that is willing and able to listen, you can speak to them with your blade. Now to save myself from getting uber cheesy, there was really no point to writing this blog, but I felt it was worth mentioning that WE'RE BACK! There's work to do, but we ain't going no where. The Brits, the Greeks, the Germans aren't getting it easy cause the Canadians know how to ride!

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